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The 2021 twenty-six th South China International Oral Exhibition

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The 2021 twenty-six th South China International Oral Exhibition

The twenty-six th South China International oral exhibition will be held,
We sincerely invite all major distributors, teachers, doctors to the scene to negotiate!


Location:No. 980, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Subway:Metro line 8, Pazhou station, Exit C

Product display

Product description-comprehensive dental treatment machine

Comfortable and safe treatment chair

1. Fast hyperstatic

The ergonomic design achieves the highest level of functionality and comfort. The backrest lifts about 1/3 faster than the ordinary dental chair, saving a lot of valuable time for both doctors and patients.

2. Linkage compensation function

It conforms to the ergonomic design, and the seat position linkage compensation is about 7 degrees. The backrest bending plate is consistent with the human lumbar motion curve to the maximum extent, and there is no sense of pulling the back.

3. Multiple protection

Pay attention to safety design and add functions such as anti-pressure leg.

4. Gravity induction water injection system

Precise electronic control to milligram, disposable film cup can also be accurately sensed. Fill the water automatically after putting it into the water cup. The water supply automatically stops when the cup is full. The water injection volume can be adjusted at will.

5. Automatic armrest

Just press the switch gently, the armrest will automatically lift, and the patient can easily get up and down. The switch position is convenient for knee operation, no need to use hands, and reduces the chance of infection.

6. Automatic disinfection

The LCD operation panel placed on the doctor unit can be disinfected immediately by pressing it gently.

Product introduction - dental mobile phone

1. Pneumatic turbine high-speed mobile phone

2. Pneumatic turbine package

3. High-speed bending machine

4. Slow down planting bending machine

5. Speed bending machine

E-type pneumatic turbine low-speed mobile phone set, transmission ratio 1:1, internal (external) water channel cooling system

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Product introduction - dental electric motor

External brushless electric motor/portable

The doctor's operation is more convenient, and can be completed by touch; The control panel is automatically locked to prevent misoperation!

Internal water spraying, type E ISO international standard interface

Electric motor with various bending machines covers almost all clinical applications!

Built-in brushless electric motor and slip electric motor are interchangeable

Brushless electric motor in technician room


Configurable straight/bending head

Brushless electronic commutation motor is maintenance-free, saves production costs, has beautiful appearance, small size, extremely low noise, does not generate heat when the motor works, has strong power, and has incomparable super power compared with the brush motor. The speed and torque of brushless motor are constant regardless of no-load or load.

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Product introduction - oral endoscope

Japan SONY ultra-high definition camera, dynamic anti-shaking shooting, full automatic focusing

Pixel: 5 million

Focal length: 3-50mm,

Autofocus camera: 1/4 SONY HAD CCD

Light source: 6 LED lamps

System: NTSC/PAL

With quartile

Available USB flash memory

Selective Color

Optional Wifi function

Optional multi-angle rotating bracket, convenient and fast installation!

Product introduction - UV curing


*Integrating light curing machine and whitening instrument

”Powerful optical power output, up to 1800mW/cm2

*Five treatment modes: strongest, moderately strong, gradually strong, pulse, gradually strong pulse * time can be set: light curing time (0-60s), whitening time (0-30m) * color LCD display

*The battery can be used in combination, and it can be used for both seat charging and direct charging, that is, charging and use * LED cold light output can treat all tooth tissues

*Low voltage alarm function

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For more products, dealers, doctors and teachers from all regions are welcome to negotiate on the spot!

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The 2021 twenty-six th South China International Oral Exhibition
The 2021 twenty-six th South China International Oral ExhibitionThe twenty-six t
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