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Being medical equipment time-limited activity

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Electric motor package activity

External brushless electric motor

Highlights: the doctor's operation is more convenient, and can be completed by touch; The control panel is automatically locked to prevent misoperation!

Portable, easy to upgrade your dental chair equipment, from the weak and inefficient pneumatic turbine to the efficient and fast electric drive!

Screw any of the high-speed or low-speed mobile phone tubes on your dental chair to our portable clinical brushless electric motor controller, and the upgrade is complete. You can use the electric motor to start your work immediately, without the need for professional and technical personnel to install and train!

——Internal water spraying, type E ISO international standard interface

Dental high-speed mobile phone activity

Dental High-Speed Air Turbine Handpiece 

Highlights: The traditional dental chair uses optical fiber mobile phones, which does not need to install complicated circuit boards and replace the mobile phone tubes. All you need to do is use Biying 106KE self-illumination quick connect!

Description: press type, optical fiber, 3-hole water spray, anti-back-absorption

Digital in-port sensor activity

Digital Intra-Oral X-Ray Sensor

Safe, waterproof, reliable and durable: IP67 waterproof grade, can be soaked and disinfected to avoid secondary infection. Long service life, can achieve more than 50000 imaging.

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Being medical equipment time-limited activity
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