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2021 Nanhai Dacheng Craftsman | Mr. Zeng Wenbin: Make oral equipment made in China bigger and stronger

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Entering the office of Zeng Wenbin, chairman of Foshan Biying Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., the first thing that came into sight was the information of various dental equipment parts and related equipment. Unconsciously, the oral career has become an indispensable part of his life.

In the early 1980s, when the domestic dental industry was still in its infancy, Zeng Wenbin devoted himself to assisting domestic hospitals to introduce international advanced dental equipment, materials and technologies, and made contributions to the development of the early domestic dental industry. Over the past 40 years, Zeng Wenbin has participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards, obtained 2 invention patents, 32 utility model patents, 4 appearance design patents and other scientific research achievements. The new products developed have taken the lead in the market in the same industry in China, leading the trend of product popularity.

Zeng Wenbin is inspecting the production. Photographed by Zhou Chuanyong, reporter of Foshan Daily

From agency to production, committed to manufacturing oral equipment in China

Looking back on the development history of China's dental equipment and stomatology, in the last century, China's stomatology system as a whole has been lagging behind for a long time, with limited market space, and the research and production units are also not interested in this. In addition, the national financial investment in oral medicine has been insufficient for a long time, resulting in a huge gap between the production of oral equipment and the level of medical equipment at home and abroad. As a dental worker, Zeng Wenbin is well aware of the pain, and improving the level of domestic oral medicine has become his goal.

Sharp tools make good work. Advanced dental equipment plays a vital role in oral treatment. Against the background of the overall level of domestic oral medicine is backward, it is the best choice to import equipment from abroad. In 1984, Zeng Wenbin set up the Hong Kong Xiehe Foreign Company, which specializes in introducing foreign dental equipment for domestic enterprises. "At that time, the domestic medical and clinical equipment, denture processing and other aspects were very scarce." Zeng Wenbin said that the domestic dental equipment was very simple, such as the most basic dental comprehensive treatment machine, which was relatively backward at that time.

The introduction of advanced equipment has met the medical needs of many domestic units, but the long-term introduction will seriously restrict the development of China's dental industry. This has become a difficult problem for Zeng Wenbin. "The key to solving the problem is made in China."

Zeng Wenbin is inspecting the production. Photographed by Zhou Chuanyong, reporter of Foshan Daily

In the 1990s, Zeng Wenbin resolutely decided to shift from agency to production. "China should also have independent research and development of advanced products." With such an idea, Zeng Wenbin started his own research and development and production. The first problem he tackled after the transformation was the research and development of dental comprehensive treatment machine. Due to the relatively backward domestic technology at that time, the processing of similar mechanical structures, mold manufacturing, paint baking and other processes were difficult to complete in the dental industry.

"If this industry can't produce, then go to other industries to develop." In order to solve the production problem of parts, Zeng Wenbin went to many places to find places that can cooperate with the production of medical equipment parts. In order to solve the paint baking problem of the equipment, Zeng Wenbin found the paint baking factory of the motorcycle, but the other party has never made dental products. It was only after a period of running-in with the other party that the paint baking of the equipment was completed. As the number of factories increased, Zeng Wenbin gradually developed a complete equipment production line, which greatly improved the equipment production efficiency.

After nearly a year's efforts, Zeng Wenbin's first self-developed dental comprehensive treatment machine was born. "At that time, it played a very good catalytic role in the development of the industry." Zeng Wenbin said that although many foreign technologies are more advanced than domestic ones, as long as you dare to explore, you can develop equipment suitable for domestic actual needs.

At Foshan Biying Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zeng Wenbin also led the establishment of Foshan Dental Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center. He led the team to overcome many technical difficulties, developed a dental low-voltage electric motor in 2018, and took the lead in registering the product in China, injecting kinetic energy into the development of the industry again.

From decentralization to centralization, promote the establishment of industrial associations and promote regional integration and development

A single thread does not make a thread, and a single tree does not make a forest.

In 2010, the development of the oral equipment industry in the South China Sea has begun to take shape, and promoting the quality and efficiency of the oral industry again can no longer break through the shackles of development only by "single soldier". In this context, the government of Nanhai District launched the call for "group development", which coincided with Zeng Wenbin's idea. In the same year, Zeng Wenbin led the joint efforts of many enterprises in the industry to establish the Foshan Nanhai District Dental Equipment Industry Association, which also marked that Nanhai Dental Equipment is on the road of regional integration and development.

In 2013, regional integration and development ushered in a new breakthrough. Zeng Wenbin promoted the establishment of Foshan Dental Equipment Industry Association, and nearly 70 enterprises became the first members of the association. The association is an industrial organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and relevant enterprises and institutions engaged in the production and operation of oral instruments, oral medical equipment and consumables in Foshan. To polish the regional brands of oral medical equipment industry through the form of group exhibition; Strengthen cooperation with banks in the development and expansion of enterprises, and provide relevant financial services for enterprises; At the same time, strengthen the services of enterprises in registration, production certification and other aspects to save time and cost for enterprises.

It is reported that Foshan's dental equipment industry has developed for more than 20 years and has become the region with the highest degree of industrial agglomeration in China. There are nearly 100 related enterprises, including dental comprehensive treatment machines, dental mobile phones, and related supporting equipment, forming a complete industrial chain. Among them, the comprehensive dental treatment machine and dental mobile phone and other equipment account for more than 80% of the national production, and have a high reputation at home and abroad. The establishment of industry associations has further enhanced the industrial agglomeration effect and enhanced the external competitiveness of enterprises.

"The industry association not only builds a bridge between enterprises and the government, but also enables the internal circulation of resources in the South China Sea oral equipment industry." Zeng Wenbin said that you can study and learn technology to improve product quality and promote high-quality development of the industry.

2021 Nanhai Dacheng Craftsman | Mr. Zeng Wenbin: Make oral equipment made in China bigger and stronger
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