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Is this still the light curing machine you know?

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With the gradual increase of dental resin restoration, the light curing lamp which is necessary for resin restoration has become a necessary tool for dentists. However, this sharp tool may cause some big or small problems to resin repair at some time.

It is inaccurate to measure the light intensity close to the light outlet of the UV curing lamp. Because LED light will be scattered in the future when combined with light sources, resulting in a large reduction in light intensity.

The light intensity was measured at a distance of 8 mm from the light outlet of the UV curing lamp, and the light intensity of many LED lamps dropped by 75% or more.

The uneven light intensity will affect the conversion of the light-cured material.

Many UV curing lamps emit uneven scattered blue light – strong hot spots can effectively polymerize the UV curing material, while hot spots cannot.

There are two problems with glass fiber optical guide rod:

① When the light guide rod is taken from the body at an angle of 30 or 50 degrees, it is difficult for the light to shine on the posterior tooth prosthesis, which forces the patient to open his mouth, which is very embarrassing.

② Lose 30% to 50% of light intensity.

To sum up the problems existing in most of the light curing lamps that are cheaper

The output power of cheap LED light curing lamp is only 300 to 600mW/cm2, and the service life of the lamp is only 1000 hours.

A small light guide rod with a length of 7 mm requires more than twice the curing time.

Short service life, plastic body, glass fiber optical guide rod, inferior LED light source, inferior battery.

UV curing is the crucial step to complete the repair. If the curing is not in place, the following problems will occur:

  1. The non-empty curing of the adhesive and composite resin will lead to the incomplete polymerization or conversion of the material, and cause many adverse clinical consequences;

2. The adhesive force decreases - the retention force decreases;

3. Toxicity of dental pulp - postoperative sensitivity;

4. Microleakage - secondary caries;

5. Reduce physical properties - increase the probability of wear and fracture;

6. Secondary caries and fracture are common clinical manifestations of incomplete light curing of two composite resins

So how should we screen UV curing lamps?

The rejection time of Light10 light curing machine is 5 seconds. After heat accumulation, patients will feel burning and uncomfortable. After a long time test, 5 seconds curing is the time setting for reaching comfort and certain curing effect. We also have an active thermal protection device inside the curing machine. When the temperature reaches 41 degrees, the light curing lamp will be actively blocked to stop thermal contusion.

The Light10 light curing machine does not use the traditional light curing lamp to set up the light guide rod equipped with the arrangement, but uses the condenser lens, which can reduce the dispersion and attenuation of the light source output intensity outside the light guide rod, thus ensuring the stability and increase of the light source output intensity. The lamp head is equipped with two LED light sources, one with a wavelength of 370-410nm and the other with a wavelength of 410-490nm. Each light source can supply more than 1200 mw/cm2 light intensity.

The emission wavelength range of the Great UV curing machine is 420nm-480nm. The emission wavelength range of Light10 light curing machine is 370nm-490nm, and the external 370nm-410nm wave band can better cure resin materials containing TPO and other new photoinitiators, such as repair materials such as Tetrac N-Cerm Bulk Fill, Amelogen Plus, ENAhri, to reduce the risk of resin falling off and incomplete curing.

The lamp holder of the light curing machine can rotate 360 degrees, and the curing head can be bent to various parts of the mouth, and the larger light source can also ensure that your larger area of resin can be cured at one time. Such one-time curing, the curing effect of the resin is constant, and the precision is high. It is free from the defects of multiple curing, different curing effects and poor separation, which are easy to fall off.

Is this still the light curing machine you know?
With the gradual increase of dental resin restoration, the light curing lamp whi
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