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Correct use and maintenance of dental high-speed mobile phone

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I. Overview: High-speed dental handpieces, also known as high-speed mobile phones, high-speed pneumatic turbine mobile phones, dental drill mobile phones, etc. (hereinafter referred to as mobile phones), are commonly used medical devices in stomatology treatment. Its working principle is to use compressed air as the power to drive the wind wheel to rotate at high speed, so as to drive the dental needle to complete the drilling and grinding of the tooth. According to the international standard of the product (ISO7785-1), mobile phones with rotational speed ≥ 160000 rpm can be called dental high-speed mobile phones. At present, most mobile phones commonly used in China have rotational speed of 28-450000 rpm. According to the purpose of use, mobile phones can be divided into high-torque mobile phones, standard mobile phones, small mobile phones (mini), tooth-resistant mobile phones and various special mobile phones; It can be divided into ejector pin type, mechanical clamping type (wrench type), button clamping type (gland type), etc; According to the type of air inlet connector, it can be divided into threaded connector and quick-change connector, while the air inlet connector has two holes, three holes, four holes and other different types. Mobile phone is a kind of special precision dental medical device. Whether it can be used and maintained correctly will directly affect the service life of mobile phone. This requires mobile phone users to master the correct use and maintenance of mobile phones.

II. Correct use of mobile phones 1 Correct method: Because the bearing of the mobile phone is too small to bear too much cutting force, it is best to use the inching method when using it. Do not use the impact drill in a hurry. Incorrect method can cause the bearing to be damaged in a very short time, especially when preparing the baked magnetic teeth. 2. Select the suitable needle, otherwise the bearing damage will be aggravated; For mobile phones with different functions, features and rotational speeds, the needles used have certain requirements, and the needles that meet the rotational speed of the mobile phone must be used. Do not use bent, shaking, worn or too long or too short needles, especially mini mobile phones. The total length of needles (including the handle) should not exceed 17mm. When using the capping needle gripper, the needle diameter should be between 1.592 and 1.6mm; If the needle diameter is less than 1.59mm, the needle will not be clamped firmly and fly out, resulting in medical accidents. 3. Correct lubrication: first of all, select qualified lubricating oil. At present, some low-cost "mobile phone cleaning lubricant" on the market is made of inferior industrial oil, which has great damage to mobile phone bearings. Secondly, during normal use, add cleaning lubricating oil at least twice a day, and clean and lubricate the mobile phone before and after sterilization. 3. Appropriate intake pressure: too low intake pressure will make the rotation speed and torque of the mobile phone too low and affect the normal operation; Excessive pressure will cause rapid bearing damage. The correct air inlet pressure is 0.20~0.25MPa. The correct air inlet pressure refers to the pressure measured at the air inlet connector at the back of the mobile phone, not the pressure gauge on the treatment table. There is a slight difference between the two. Due to pipeline loss, the gauge pressure of the pressure gauge on the treatment table is greater than the inlet pressure of the mobile phone. 4. It is recommended that oil-free air compressor is preferred, and attention should be paid to timely drainage of accumulated water. Water separation air filter must be installed; When using oil-filled air compressor, install oil filter.

III. Maintenance of mobile phones 1 Never immerse the mobile phone in acidic disinfectant, or it will seriously damage the bearing and internal mechanism of the mobile phone. 2. Do not use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean the mobile phone. 3. After using or sterilizing the mobile phone, wipe it clean and pay attention to protecting the electroplated layer of the mobile phone. 4. Handle with care when using, and do not collide and drop the mobile phone. 5. When the mobile phone is not loaded with needles (or mandrels), it cannot be turned on and rotated, or the movement and gland will be damaged. 6. When the mobile phone is not used for a long time, the accumulated water in the phone should be drained and the lubricating oil should be filled.

Correct use and maintenance of dental high-speed mobile phone
I. Overview: High-speed dental handpieces, also known as high-speed mobile phone
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