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Do you know what a mobile phone is

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Lift the phone

What is your first thought

Watching movies, playing Tiktok, making phone calls, sending WeChat

Then lift the mobile phone to disinfect

What is your first thought


Mobile phones can also be disinfected???

Disinfection wipes


I carry my mobile phone every day

It must be dirty and must be disinfected

There must be a lot of bacteria on the mobile phone

Then I'll find something to disinfect the mobile phone

Today, we will learn about the dentists' mobile phones. The professional term is dental mobile phones, which are dental drills. They are divided into high speed and low speed. High speed is used to drill holes and extract teeth. It is used for polishing at low speed. Its principle is to connect it to the tooth chair and use air to drive the movement with the motor needle to rotate. It is one of the commonly used dental equipment. High-speed mobile phones need to be replaced in three months. Low speed can be used for half a year to one year (number of patients and frequency of use). But every patient needs to be cleaned up in time.

That's the sound in the eyes of babies

The thing that can still bare water

Some babies are scared to go straight into their mother's arms when they see this

It is also the reason why you dare not look at your teeth

According to relevant reports

Oral instruments are seriously polluted

The most frequent use of mobile phones is also the most serious pollution

If the mobile phone is not cleaned

Will cause the failure of bacterial inactivation

Cause pollution

But now the disinfection of mobile phones is mechanical

Several steps are required:

Flushing → washing → rinsing → final rinsing → disinfection and other procedures

So now parents don't have to worry about cell phones being dirty or having bacteria

Do you know what a mobile phone is
Lift the phoneWhat is your first thoughtWatching movies, playing Tiktok, making
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