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Dental mobile phones

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Dental mobile phones that play an extremely important role in oral health

Since its inception

It plays an important role in the field of oral diagnosis and treatment

Dental mobile phones are commonly known as dental drills

Mainly used in oral clinic

Clean the decayed teeth

Conduct pulp drilling for teeth with pulpitis and apicitis

Preparation of abutment teeth for those who have missing teeth

Dental mobile phones are divided into slow mobile phones and high-speed mobile phones

Slow mobile phones are mainly used for polishing dentures

Or high-speed mobile phone for polishing

It is used for grinding and cutting teeth clinically

But with the progress of technology

Further deepening of people's understanding of dental mobile phones

For its "repeated use" and "incomplete disinfection and sterilization"

The current situation of "cross infection" has raised concerns

If disinfection is not strict

Will become the carrier of blood sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B

Cause iatrogenic infection


There are three main ways for dental handpieces to cause cross-infection:

1. The surface pollution caused by the contact of the patient's saliva, blood and spat during the oral operation of the mobile phone and the internal pollution caused by the penetration of saliva and blood into the mobile phone through the gap of the mobile phone itself;

2. Air pollution caused by aerosol and droplet with pathogenic microorganism entering the air when the mobile phone is rotated and cut at high speed;

3. The negative pressure formed when the high-speed turbine of the mobile phone stops rotating can suck the pathogenic microorganism in the patient's mouth back into the mobile phone and cause pollution.


There are many difficulties in the full implementation of complete disinfection and sterilization of dental handpieces. The reasons are various:

1. Inadequate understanding of cross-infection caused by lax disinfection of mobile phones;

2. The funds are insufficient, and the one-time investment in purchasing disinfection and sterilization equipment and a certain number of mobile phones is too high;

3. The process of complete disinfection of mobile phones is tedious;

4. It is worried that pressure steam sterilization will damage the life of the mobile phone.

The widespread existence of this social phenomenon

Make it a solution for the people

Medical equipment for health problems

To the top of the storm

In the face of this situation, many hospitals and private clinics

Had to reveal the truth of the matter

The cleaning and disinfection instruments used together are expensive

And the effect is limited by the structure of dental mobile phone

Not ideal. The patient doesn't pay for this response

This result finally makes

Dental diagnosis and treatment fell into a cold war period

At a time when the development of this industry is in crisis

One-time safe use of "main gas check" and "anti-back suction"

Dental mobile phones appear in the market

And with its advantages of "low price and high quality"

Rapid sweep of traditional dental mobile phones

Has become the first choice of major hospitals and clinics

Dental mobile phones
Dental mobile phones that play an extremely important role in oral healthSince i
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