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What are the taboo operations of dental mobile phones

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Before using mobile phone

1. Start the foot switch before installing the mobile phone, spray out the residual air and water in the pipe, and observe whether the outlet water is normal;

2. Install mobile phones and needles;

A. Lock needle type (screw type): put the mobile phone on the treatment table, install the car needle, and screw it gently with the mobile phone key. Do not use too much force, and it can be in place.

B. Push-button type (gland type): press the button on the head of the mobile phone to load and unload the needle. Release the button and the needle will be clamped. After installing the needle, manually test whether it is installed in place.


Note: Do not step on the foot switch before the mobile phone is loaded with needles, otherwise the clamping mechanism will be easily damaged.

Mobile phone in use

1. When using the mobile phone, you must be careful, careful and slight. It is strictly forbidden to operate the mobile phone in a barbaric manner. Do not drop the mobile phone to the ground;

2. Regardless of the angle, it should follow the way of lifting and pulling up and down, so as to touch gently, jog, and do not force laterally.

3. The improved pen-holding mobile phone is used to find a stable fulcrum and operate intermittently.

4. According to the different tooth position and the different shape of the spare hole, replace the mobile phone and the needle in time to minimize the wear of the mobile phone bearing.

5. To use sharp needles, blunt needles not only take time and effort, but also cause damage to mobile phones and increase the pain of patients.

6. In the process of using the mobile phone, you should always check whether the needle is loose to avoid flying needles.

7. Choose different mobile phones according to different clinical situations (such as mini mobile phones that do not affect the vision of the posterior teeth for pulp opening; large torque mobile phones with strong force are used in dental preparation)

8. The one-time workload is too large, so two mobile phones should be used in turn to avoid damaging the mobile phone due to excessive load, and to save the time to replace the mobile phone.

9. The mobile phone movement has serious radial swing, and it is forbidden to use it when it moves longitudinally. It is forbidden to use the mobile phone when there is no water or water shortage.

10. The air pressure and water pressure will change with the use of the treatment table. Therefore, the air pressure and water pressure should be checked frequently during clinical operation to ensure the normal use of the mobile phone.


After using the mobile phone



The mobile phone should be cleaned as soon as possible after use, otherwise the dirt will solidify and it is difficult to clean. Before unloading the needle, clean the debris on the working head with water mist, and then scrub with 75% alcohol. Or use a special automatic cleaning machine for cleaning. The method used depends on the specific situation of each clinic.

Needle pick-up

After use, just loosen (turn) the key by 1/4 turn when removing the needle. If the key is loosened too much, the three-leaf spring will push against the rear cover and be damaged. After each use, take out the needle in time to facilitate the recovery of the mechanical part of the mobile phone clip.

Maintenance (oil filling)

The pneumatic injection tank is the most ideal lubricating tool. It can not only lubricate the mobile phone, but also achieve the effect of cleaning the bearing and wind wheel.

1. Before using the fuel injection tank, first remove the needle (the spiral mobile phone can be turned back by 1/4 turn), wrap the machine head with paper, and insert the nozzle of the fuel tank into the air inlet of the mobile phone to ensure sufficient air pressure.

2. The pneumatic injection tank must be used vertically for 2-3 seconds each time.

3. 2-hole mobile phone, the nozzle is aligned with the large hole; The 4-hole mobile phone nozzle aims at the second hole.

4. In the case of oil dripping method, drop 4 drops of oil into the large hole, and then use an air gun to blow air intermittently into the oil filling hole for 30 seconds.

5. It is forbidden to use industrial lubricating oil for lubrication to prevent poisoning of patients.

6. Mobile phones that are not used for a long time should be fully oiled, sealed and stored.

What are the taboo operations of dental mobile phones
Before using mobile phone1. Start the foot switch before installing the mobile p
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