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Understand the low-speed mobile phones commonly used in stomatology

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Low-speed mobile phones are also called slow-speed mobile phones because of their low speed compared with high-speed mobile phones. According to the Classification of Medical Devices, they belong to Class II medical devices.

The low-speed mobile phone is divided into two parts, one is the motor, and the other is the body of the mobile phone. When using it, you need to install the motor on the dental chair, then install the low-speed mobile phone on the motor, and then install the needle, and use the pedal to control the rotation and stop to operate.

Low-speed mobile phones are divided into straight machine and bending machine. The straight machine is used for grinding outside the mouth. When there is no special grinding machine at hand, we use it to polish the denture or temporary crown. The needle used for it is generally called the grinding head, which is generally the same as the grinding head of the grinding machine.

If there is a lot to be polished and there is a special technician room, it is better to stay in the technician room, otherwise it is difficult to clean where the debris flies.

The bending machine is commonly used when we operate in the mouth. Before using it, we need to install the needle, pull the paddle on the back, insert the needle, and then buckle the paddle back to check whether it is tight, then we can use it. The same operation is also used when removing it.

We still remember that high-speed mobile phones are called high-speed gas turbine mobile phones. They are very fast when they are rotating, and when they are out of water, they are out of gas. Bending machines usually do not use water, because they have different purposes.

The bending machine can be used to remove the decay when filling teeth, or to lift and remove the top of the pulp chamber with a small ball drill after pulp opening. Our G drill, P drill and polishing cup are also installed on low-speed mobile phones. They are used for polishing after tooth cleaning, taking out the gum tip, and preparing the fiber pile path. These operations usually do not require water spray, so low-speed mobile phones generally have no water path, or use the design of external water path, When we step on the treadle, we should pay attention not to step on the treadle of the waterway, or the water will spray everywhere.

Understand the low-speed mobile phones commonly used in stomatology
Low-speed mobile phones are also called slow-speed mobile phones because of thei
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