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Reduce cycle investment in dental handset equipment

Click: Time:2023-03-21 11:43:25

Use economic means to strengthen the management of dental mobile phone equipment, and reduce the total periodic investment in technical equipment, including initial investment, regular maintenance costs, and other factors that affect investment costs, without affecting the function of technical equipment.

  1. Initial investment: An important factor affecting investment fees. Accounting bidding method can be used to fully and scientifically demonstrate the credibility and long-term cooperation of manufacturers (merchants), as well as the progressiveness, reliability, economy, energy conservation and maintainability of products. On the premise of ensuring the use function, consider the price level and strive to reduce the initial investment of equipment.

2. Service life: With the same price and performance, selecting equipment with a long service life cycle and a long trouble-free period can extend the update cycle and reduce continued investment.

3. Energy consumption: The greater the energy consumption, the greater the annual consumption cost. Technical equipment with low energy consumption costs should be selected as much as possible.

4. Maintenance performance: Select equipment that is easy to maintain and has low maintenance costs to save daily expenses. However, the more complex and precise the equipment, the greater the maintenance cost, and the corresponding maintenance expertise and skills are required. Therefore, dental handset manufacturers should be requested to provide reliability information on technical performance, maintenance manuals, supply cycles of spare parts, and whether domestic spare parts can be used instead.

Reduce cycle investment in dental handset equipment
Use economic means to strengthen the management of dental mobile phone equipment
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