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What are the opportunities for ultrasonic dental cleaners today?

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In recent years, with the improvement of the living standards of the public, the importance attached to teeth has become increasingly high.

In fact, oral health is a mirror that reflects health and quality of life, and is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten standards for human health. However, there has been a general lack of attention to oral health. Nowadays, increasing attention has been paid to it, which can also be regarded as a matter of "liking the big Pu Ben".

As it relates to beauty and health, topics related to teeth are frequently mentioned on social platforms. There are over 320000 notes on orthodontics in Xiaohong Book, as well as tens of thousands of articles on tooth washing and tooth whitening. Previously, we have introduced orthodontic appliances. Today, let's talk about dental cleaning equipment - ultrasonic dental cleaning machine.

"Toothwashing" is also known as tooth cleaning, and the full name of medical terminology is supragingival scaling. There are two methods for supragingival scaling: handheld instrument scaling and ultrasonic scaling. Ultrasonic scaling is widely used in clinical practice due to its advantages of saving time and effort.

Its working principle is as follows: A high-frequency oscillation signal is generated by a high-frequency oscillation circuit and acts on an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic vibration is generated using the inverse piezoelectric effect (or magnetostrictive effect), and the working tip is stimulated to generate resonance. The mechanical effect, thermal effect, and cavitation effect generated by ultrasound are used to remove plaque, stones, or bacteria on the periodontal surface.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning machines belong to Class II medical devices in China, with a classification code of 17-03-03. The product description and intended use are as follows: "It is usually composed of a control host and a handheld part. It uses compressed gas or electricity as a power source to achieve its intended use through sandblasting, work tip vibration, irrigation, and other methods. It is used for cleaning and reshaping the surface of teeth, root canals, and other parts." Ultrasonic dental cleaning machines, sandblasting dental cleaning machines, powder dental cleaning phones, pneumatic dental cleaning machines, oral cavity cleaning machines, and root canal swing washers all belong to this category. It is worth noting that as a supporting accessory of the ultrasonic dental cleaning machine, the working tip of the ultrasonic dental cleaning machine belongs to Class I medical devices.

Medical advice suggests that even people with healthy periodontal conditions should go to a regular hospital for ultrasonic scaling every six months to one year to prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease; For long-term smokers, it is recommended to wash their teeth every 3-6 months.

However, ultrasonic dentistry has a certain technical content, and dentists need to be trained before taking up their jobs. Therefore, consumers with dental cleaning needs must choose reliable dental institutions (well-equipped equipment) and qualified doctors. Otherwise, problems such as enamel cracking or cross infection caused by equipment problems or improper operation (high power, insufficient water spray, and unequal working tip angle to teeth) will outweigh the gains.

What are the opportunities for ultrasonic dental cleaners today?
In recent years, with the improvement of the living standards of the public, the
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