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Endoscopy: A Good Assistant for Stomatologists

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In recent years, the incidence rate of the oral cavity is getting higher and younger. In order to enable everyone to have a medical experience, dentists can also find more pathological changes in oral tissue, and customers can also intuitively and comprehensively understand the dental diseases that they cannot see at ordinary times. Oral endoscope is also widely used in all major oral cavities. But do you know the specific role of oral endoscopy? How much is an oral cavity mirror examination? I'll tell you the answer right away.

1、 What is an oral endoscope?

Through a specially constructed camera lens (observation probe), after being inserted into the oral cavity, under the illumination of a self-contained light source, the oral cavity details are captured, imaged on an image sensor, and clearly displayed and enlarged on an electronic screen. And it can be archived using software, and together with information such as pictures, text, X-ray images, etc., it can form an electronic medical record, which can be easily accessed and used for consultation, academic reports, etc.

2、 What can an oral endoscope examine?

It is possible to detect lesions in the oral cavity that cannot be detected by the naked eye, such as a series of comprehensive examinations for periodontal, gingival, and dental tissue lesions, as well as soft tissue examinations for lips, cheeks, gingival mucosa, labio-buccal grooves, and labio-buccal thin bands.

3、 What role does oral endoscopy play?

The emergence of oral endoscope has brought a new model for oral examination and treatment. It will display some hidden pathological changes in front of customers, without requiring more descriptions or professional knowledge from doctors. Customers can easily understand the severity of the situation, improving their desire for treatment without delaying treatment.

For doctors, accurate and intuitive image assistance can be used to determine the condition and make accurate diagnosis and treatment.

An oral endoscope is a specially constructed camera lens that can be inserted into the mouth to display clear and enlarged images on a computer or television screen. With the assistance of the endoscope system, dentists can better detect lesions occurring in soft and hard tissues. It also allows patients to intuitively and comprehensively understand the stains, plaque, dental calculus, gingivitis, and other dental diseases and defects on the surface of their oral teeth that they cannot normally see.

What are the functions of oral endoscope?

1. Enables the patient to clearly see the condition in their mouth;

2. Be able to utilize the storage function of the software to maximize the preservation of the patient's oral condition;

3. Help patients and doctors understand each other and establish their confidence in doctors;

Clinical significance of oral endoscopy

1. Various treatment measures that doctors can take in a timely manner with the assistance of clear and intuitive images to further detect oral lesions in patients;

2. Abnormal results: Abnormal signs caused by diseases, such as red and swollen oral mucosa, blisters, ulcers, or spots;

3. People who need to be examined: abnormal color, pain, ulceration, odor, etc. in the mouth.

Endoscopy: A Good Assistant for Stomatologists
In recent years, the incidence rate of the oral cavity is getting higher and you
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