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Oral light curing machine

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A light curing machine is an oral equipment for repairing teeth, which utilizes the principle of light curing to quickly solidify dental repair resin materials under the action of light waves within a specific wavelength range, thereby filling dental cavities or bonding brackets. Oral materials require a special type of light to solidify, which is called solidification. So there is a light curing machine, which is used to provide light and solidify the light curing material. Including the host, a light guide rod connected to the front section of the host, and a shading component set on the light guide rod to isolate blue light.

Blue light - high-energy shortwave blue light

When shortwave blue light is irradiated to a certain extent, it may cause some damage:

1. The lens is relatively clear, which can easily lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. Long term exposure to blue light can lead to decreased vision or even complete loss;

2. It may cause people's myopia to deepen, affecting their learning and work efficiency;

3. Blue light induces blindness, and the blue light in the dental light curing machine is located at such a wavelength. The effective solution is to install a high-quality sunshade in front of the light curing machine.

High quality sunshades can effectively prevent blue light penetration and can also be flipped and adjusted, which can better protect users from strong light exposure.

Oral light curing machine
A light curing machine is an oral equipment for repairing teeth, which utilizes
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