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Maintenance and upkeep of dental comprehensive treatment equipment

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The oral cavity is the primary organ for people to eat and digest food. The health of teeth directly affects the function of the entire digestive system and the human body's intake of food nutrients, and is closely related to other systems. Therefore, people are paying more and more attention to dental diseases. As medical equipment engineers, they should do a good job in the daily maintenance and upkeep of dental treatment machines, maximize the role of instruments, and better serve patients, It is a necessary and important task for us.

1 Electric dental recliner

(1) In daily situations, the mechanical parts such as the seat back supine motion screw and the lifting motion rod ball guide rail should be replaced with oil once a year. The method is to wipe them clean with gauze dipped in kerosene, use alcohol if there is no kerosene, and then apply butter or petroleum jelly oil.

(2) After a period of use, the belt pulley between the intermediate wheel and the turbine box may become too loose. You can remove the four screws of the adjustable belt pulley on the worm shaft, remove one or two gaskets, and then reinstall them. Then, check the tightness of the belt until it is suitable.

(3) The connecting rod box intermediate wheel needs to be lubricated once a year. Method: Open the motor cover and use an oil gun to inject No. 20 engine oil into the marble oil cup. (4) If the belt between the intermediate wheels of the lifting motor is loose, loosen the nut first, unscrew it clockwise until the belt pulley is properly tightened, and then tighten the nut.

2 High speed turbo drill head

(1) Under normal working conditions, the front of the vehicle should be cleaned once a day with cleaning lubricant. (This job requires dentists to do it themselves.) After every 2 weeks of work, the micro bearings should be cleaned once. (Generally, we go to each clinical department every week to check the equipment. It is also acceptable to complete this work once a month.) The method: insert the metal sheet on the small wrench into the flat mouth of the middle groove of the head cover and rotate counterclockwise, unscrew the head cover, and then take out the upper and lower clamping cores, mandrels, clip springs, wind wheels, windshields and lower clamping cores of the miniature bearing together. Do not disassemble them, but put them into pure avgas, (Theoretically, it should be put into pure avgas, and ordinary pure gasoline should be used at ordinary times.) Clamp it with tweezers and shake it gently for a few times, take it out to dry, and then inject 1-2 drops of high-speed turbine lubricating oil into each micro bearing, and then it can be put into the headstock. The rear cover should not be too tight.

Maintenance and upkeep of dental comprehensive treatment equipment
The oral cavity is the primary organ for people to eat and digest food. The heal
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