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How to handle simple malfunctions of dental treatment machines

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The dental comprehensive treatment machine is controlled by a control system that can control the shadowless light, mouthwash, water heating, sputum basin flushing, film viewing light switch, as well as the time adjustment of mouthwash and sputum basin flushing, as well as the up, down, forward and backward movement of the dental chair, as well as the predetermined positions of the three chairs. The patient chair is driven by a DC motor and has very low noise.

The common malfunctions of dental comprehensive treatment machines are as follows:

1. Shadowless light does not work

(1) Check if the light bulb is damaged and if the power supply is normal. Disconnect the connection between the lamp arm and the lamp. Discovered loose discoloration and poor contact between the plug connecting the light arm and the light arm. Analyzed the reasons. Due to the operation of the shadowless lamp under low voltage and high current conditions, long-term use has caused heating and oxidation of the plug and socket, which is caused by poor contact. Solution: You can replace the plug and socket with a new one. If replaced in five situations, the wire plug and socket can be temporarily cut off, the ends of the two wires can be directly connected, the insulation layer can be wrapped, and the lamp can be reinstalled and put into use.

(2) Disconnect the lamp arm and connect it to the lamp. It was found that the wires in the lamp had twisted into a ball and had been disconnected. Cause analysis: Due to the lack of left and right rotation restrictions in the early products of this shadowless lamp, it always rotates in one direction, resulting in this malfunction. Solution: Rotate the lamp in the opposite direction, loosen the twisted pair, identify the open circuit (or short circuit), reconnect and insulate. If the wire is severely damaged, please replace it with a new one. After processing, the operator should be informed of the correct usage method.

2. Strong weak suction does not work, and weak suction becomes weak after a period of use.

The pipeline is blocked by dirt; The sensitivity of the microswitch is not high, the shrapnel is crushed or the size and position of the holes in the hanging box are incorrect; The weak suction collection cup is blocked; The weak suction assembly is blocked by dirt; Poor water source quality leads to pipeline blockage;

Exclusion method:

When encountering a pause or failure in negative pressure suction, check whether the main water vapor switch of the dental chair is turned on, check the status of the weak and strong suction switches, check the status of the filter tank, and check the status of the negative pressure pump.

Replace the parts that cannot be repaired, check and repair the circuit, clean the weak suction main valve, and suggest that users regularly clean the collection cup (clean once every two weeks) with a three way gun before reinstalling it as is, and keep the pipe unobstructed.

3. Foot pedal, malfunction issue

(1) Air leakage: Open the foot pedal screws to check.

(2) No response from foot pedal: Check the foot pedal connection wire and report for repair.

4. Water vapor issues during phone operation

(1) Pipeline issues.

(2) Check if the pressure gauge display of the air filter pressure reducing valve meets the standard value.

(3) Check if the water filter gas is blocked by dirt, and if so, clean the filter

(4) Check if the switch position of the water source at the bottom of the side box is reversed.

(5) Check for poor connections at the foot switch.

5. Water storage bottle issue

(1) The pressure inside the bottle was too high and burst due to the broken 2kg pressure reducing valve

(2) Add non distilled water to the bottle

(3) Blocked waterways leading to poor water flow

(4) Poor pressure resistance of water storage bottles due to quality issues

(5) When preparing to use water from a water storage bottle, check whether the water source conversion switch is turned on and the main gas switch is turned on.

How to handle simple malfunctions of dental treatment machines
The dental comprehensive treatment machine is controlled by a control system tha
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