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The maintenance of dental treatment machines is very important, don't ignore it

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Maintenance of dental comprehensive treatment machine

The daily maintenance of dental comprehensive treatment machines mainly focuses on the following aspects. Firstly, the air supply and water supply of the comprehensive processing platform ensure a significant degree of cleanliness, such as water filtration and air irrigation. The second is to regularly clean the strong suction and weak suction filters. Due to the inevitable deposition of impurities in front of strong and weak suction filters during daily use, regular cleaning is essential. Thirdly, the counter nurse is required to lift the dental chair, turn on the water switch on the spittoon, and rinse for at least 15 minutes at the end of each day's diagnosis and treatment. Remove the strong and weak straws, directly find a water container, place the strong and weak straws in the water container, and use the negative pressure of the strong and weak straws to repeatedly rinse the strong and weak straws several times. 4、 Avoid splashing water on the foot switch to avoid causing a short circuit on the foot switch.

Fault manifestations and troubleshooting methods of dental comprehensive treatment machines

1. High speed mobile phones have no air, no water, no water atomization. In this case, please remove the console first.

Check for water with a three-way gun on one side. The second is to check whether high-speed mobile phones use tap water or water storage bottles for self supply. If it is self feeding from a water storage bottle, please confirm whether the switches for tap water and self feeding from the water storage bottle are correctly turned on, and whether there is water in the water storage bottle. If there are two water storage bottles, it is also necessary to check whether the water storage bottle selection switch is correctly opened, and which water storage bottle is used to switch the selection switch to that water storage bottle. Thirdly, check the reason why the water control switch and water atomization switch on the phone were not turned on correctly. Find the high-speed mobile phone and water atomization switch on the console, turn them on normally, and try again. Usually, after inspection and confirmation, the problem can be resolved.

2. The cold light does not turn on. For such faults, first check whether the cold light switch on the console is turned on; The second is to remove the cold lampshade and check if the bulb is damaged. If damaged, please replace the bulb with a new one and try again. After the above two methods are eliminated, it is a circuit fault. Please contact professional engineering for maintenance.

3. The control function of the dental comprehensive treatment machine is invalid. The dental chairs of several brands mentioned above are equipped with machine chair interlocking function. This function is mainly configured for treatment safety considerations. One malfunction is that the backrest and seat cushion cannot be lifted or lowered, which is likely caused by the failure of the seat interlock function. The inspection method should be determined based on the specific model. The interlocking control switch of the machine chair is generally installed in the side box of the dental comprehensive treatment machine or below the operating panel. Open the operation panel and check for any pneumatic switches. The switch has a wire connected to the control board. Unplug that wire and the fault can be eliminated. In addition, one of the backrest and seat cushion can move, while the other cannot. This situation requires opening the shell under the seat cushion, replacing the two wires on the control box, and checking the status of the treatment table. The initial fault was the opposite, that is, a relay on the circuit board inside the control box had a sticking fault. Remove the control box casing and gently shake the relay with a tool to see if the problem can be solved. There is also a situation where when using the treatment table control switch, the backrest or seat cushion malfunctions, and the spittoon or saliva water switch is turned on. This type of fault may be caused by a short circuit in the control circuit board or a short circuit in the foot control. Please have professional personnel repair such faults.

The maintenance of dental treatment machines is very important, don't ignore it
Maintenance of dental comprehensive treatment machineThe daily maintenance of de
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