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What to pay attention to after using dental mobile phones

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What should I pay attention to after using dental mobile phones?

  1. Dental mobile phones are not recommended for wet storage after use, nor should they be soaked in chlorine containing disinfectant or enzyme solution.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning is not suitable for cleaning dental mobile phones, as although the cleaning effect is good, it may damage their function.

3. After using pressure water to clean dental handpieces, the pressure should be dried as soon as possible to avoid bearing damage.

4. The pressure of the pressure water should be between 2-5bar and should not exceed the standard pressure specified in the dental phone user manual.

5. The lubricating oil used for dental mobile phone maintenance is oily rather than water-soluble.

6. During the process of using filling and cleaning lubricating oil to clean the interior, if there is any contamination flowing out of the machine head, operate until no dirty oil flows out.

7. Selection of dental mobile phone sterilizers: Dental mobile phones belong to Class A cavity loading devices. Small sterilizers should choose Class B sterilization cycle. In order to compare the advantages of mechanical cleaning with traditional manual cleaning, we conducted bacterial culture on the fully automatic mobile phone cleaning machine. Traditional manual cleaning can only scrub to the surface of the phone, and the internal lumen cannot be cleaned. Although current phones have anti suction devices, the aerosols and various oral bacteria generated while the phone is flying at high speed have spread to the entire water and air system, and the bacterial colonies have clearly exceeded the standard. It undergoes pre washing, main washing, and rinsing (a total of 7 times), forming a water column at the bottom of the phone accompanied by enzyme solution. As the temperature increases, it reaches the stage where the cleaning chamber has reached dryness. The collected sample meets the requirements of the bacterial colony.

What to pay attention to after using dental mobile phones
What should I pay attention to after using dental mobile phones?Dental mobile ph
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