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A Bridge to Solve doctor-patient Communication: Oral Endoscopy

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An oral endoscope is a specially constructed camera lens that can extend into the oral cavity. With the help of the endoscope system, the dentist can better find the lesions on the soft and hard tissues. And it can enable patients to intuitively and comprehensively understand various problems in their oral cavity. These images can also be stored in the patient's database, combined with text, graphics, X-ray images, and other information to form a new generation of electronic medical records, which can be easily accessed and used for consultations, academic reports, and other occasions.

Allowing patients to understand their pathological changes and participate in decision-making on treatment plans is an important feature of the new medical model. Due to limitations in vision and knowledge background, patients often seek medical attention only when they experience pain or discomfort, or when there are problems in the anterior tooth area that greatly affect their appearance. When doctors discover hidden lesions and point them out to patients, they often struggle to grasp the severity of the situation. This delayed timely treatment. When the "shocking" lesion scene is displayed in front of patients, there is no need for more description or professional knowledge. Patients can also understand the urgency of treatment. At this point, with the assistance of clear and intuitive images, physicians can further introduce various treatment measures that may be taken to patients, allowing them to make choices based on their own conditions, greatly improving their treatment desire and participation.

Private dentists abroad are more interested in adopting this technology, and there are also some commercial reasons. Physician endoscopes play a role in "inspiring consumption" and making patients more willing to receive treatment. Secondly, the endoscope can record detailed information before treatment. If a certain doctor-patient dispute arises after irreversible treatment, images captured and stored in the patient database through endoscopy can serve as important evidence to protect the fair rights of both doctors and patients. At present, some dental colleges, specialized hospitals, and high-level private clinics in China have also begun to introduce this technology. Provide better quality services to patients. I believe that with the development of China's overall economy and the progress of oral medicine, oral endoscopy will also be promoted in China.

A Bridge to Solve doctor-patient Communication: Oral Endoscopy
An oral endoscope is a specially constructed camera lens that can extend into th
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