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How to choose a dental comprehensive treatment machine?

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How to choose a dental comprehensive treatment machine?

The dental comprehensive treatment machine is one of the essential basic equipment in oral clinics and is also directly related to treatment activities. In recent years, the application of a large number of new technologies has made oral equipment more user-friendly, and treatment machines directly affect the business development and professional image of outpatient clinics.

Therefore, brand selection and purchase are very important and crucial. Let's take a look!

  1. The hygiene status of dental comprehensive treatment machines. There is no sanitary blind spot. Hygienic dead spots refer to areas that are difficult or impossible to clean. Some light arms have rubber sleeves that can cover the joints to maintain aesthetics. Strictly speaking, these rubber sheets are also sanitary dead spots, leaving bacteria behind. The material of the chair can be wiped or sprayed with alcohol. If not, it does not meet hygiene requirements. Disposable straw can be equipped with strong suction and weak suction. If the straw can be reused, it is necessary.

2. After sales service for dental comprehensive treatment machines, especially for the maintenance of treatment machines. Many doctors will find that some companies offer little or no after-sales service after selling their products. After the machine breaks down, it cannot be repaired immediately, causing many unnecessary losses. The dental treatment machine franchise is quite comprehensive in terms of after-sales service, with a 24-hour response mechanism.

3. It is important to install a comprehensive treatment machine. Poor debugging can lead to problems, as every experienced engineer knows. So when choosing a comprehensive treatment machine, it is important to find a company with strong capabilities and good products to provide you with complete installation drawings, product dimensions, technical parameters, etc. And quickly cooperate with it.

4. The operation training of dental comprehensive treatment machines is very important. Many malfunctions are caused by improper installation and debugging or improper use by doctors. Therefore, the training of dentists by dental equipment companies is very important. Some engineers don't train doctors and leave after finishing their work. If doctors discover this situation, they should be prevented from requesting training.

The operation training for dental comprehensive treatment machines includes the following points

(1) The use and maintenance of a comprehensive treatment machine.

(2) Control of the position of the comprehensive treatment machine.

(3) Troubleshooting common faults (replacing fuses, bulbs, connecting pipes, etc.).

(4) Daily maintenance of the oral comprehensive treatment machine itself.

The dental comprehensive treatment machine is mainly used for dental surgery and disease examination and treatment, and is an indispensable equipment in major dental clinics and hospitals. Dental comprehensive treatment machines can enable doctors to leverage their strengths and serve more patients. Be cautious when buying a dental comprehensive treatment machine. If you want to learn more about dental comprehensive treatment machines, you can contact us. We are a manufacturer of dental comprehensive treatment machines and have a detailed understanding of it.

How to choose a dental comprehensive treatment machine?
How to choose a dental comprehensive treatment machine?The dental comprehensive
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