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The application of new technologies in dental treatment machines

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Dental treatment machines are constantly advancing and improving in design concepts, working performance, product functions, and other aspects. By utilizing new scientific and technological advancements, the comprehensive competitiveness of products is fully reflected in dental treatment machines. So, let's learn about the application of new technologies in dental treatment machines together!

Functional characteristics of dental treatment machines

A powerful image processing system with a new control concept, human-computer interaction, full operation simulation and realistic actions, and multiple anti cross infection operation modes for vital signs, allowing real-time monitoring of patient conditions; The chair has a split structure, making the whole machine more stable. The new imported five level adjustable LED shadowless oral light: the spittoon automatically rotates to avoid interference with the chair; Double perception mouthwash to avoid overflow of mouthwash; The instrument cabinet can be electrically lifted to meet different treatment needs; The height of the passenger seat is adjustable for easy operation: the wheelchair runs smoothly, the seat cushion is soft and comfortable, and the chair body can rotate horizontally to meet the corresponding treatment position; The height of the headrest can be automatically adjusted to adapt to different patients.

Application of Bus Technology in Dental Treatment Machines

1. Introduction to Bus Technology

In terms of expertise, bus technology is a structural form that describes the transmission path of electronic signals, which is a common channel for transmitting information between subsystems. Realize functions such as information transmission, exchange, sharing, and logical control between various components in the system through the bus. Like computer systems, the CPU, memory, input, and output devices are common channels for transmitting information. The various components of the host are connected through the host, and external devices are connected to the bus through appropriate interface circuits.

2. Possibility of adopting bus technology

Bus technology has been widely applied in industry, such as automotive control systems, computers, and machining centers. The acquisition of vital sign data has also been widely used in clinical practice, including electronic monitoring of electrocardiogram, blood pressure, pulse, etc. The remote device fault diagnosis function is widely used in the fields of computer and communication, and it can be said to be an integration of mature technology for digital dental treatment machines.

3. Application of Bus Technology

The dental treatment machine adopts a digital oral comprehensive business unit based on industrial bus measurement and control technology and modular design, consisting of a measurement and control platform and an information processing platform. The measurement control platform achieves unified control of airborne equipment's water and electricity execution components, real-time monitoring and feedback of operational data, and related human-machine control interfaces through modular bus node functional modules. Based on this new structural design, the oral comprehensive treatment platform does not need to modify hardware drivers and control boards arbitrarily according to different models and airborne equipment requirements, and can achieve modular integration of equipment on hardware; The information processing platform supports automatic recording of key processes and clinical data during treatment, including the collection of various vital sign data and oral imaging data, facilitating effective interaction between doctors, patients, and advanced oral comprehensive treatment platforms. It provides remote device fault diagnosis function, and will become a digital terminal for remote oral diagnosis and treatment in the future. The system and important modules planned for completion of the project.

Through the adoption of bus technology, the hardware connection lines of the control system have been greatly reduced. Modular design can effectively improve the stability of the system, meet the personalized needs of users, more easily meet the addition of specific functions, achieve functional expansion, and improve product level. The adoption of infrared tracking and speech recognition technology avoids direct or indirect contact with pollution sources by doctors, prevents cross infection, and improves product reliability. Dental therapeutic machine has been listed in the national biomedical engineering high-tech industrialization specialty by the National Development and Reform Commission.

The application of new technologies in dental treatment machines
Dental treatment machines are constantly advancing and improving in design conce
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