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Problems and maintenance of dental handpiece during use

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First: Come on.

Perhaps you all understand, because there may be doctoral students, graduate students, or even department heads among you. Perhaps you have high dental skills, but you may not be very familiar with dental handpieces.

First, refuel the phone before disinfecting it. Especially high temperature disinfection can cause certain damage to dental handpieces, and it is necessary to choose three pre vacuum modes for disinfection. After disinfection, it is necessary to undergo drying treatment to avoid rusting of the phone. Despite phone manufacturers claiming how good their phones are. Nowadays, everyone may be using a four hole phone. When refueling, add it to the second large hole and don't add too much. 2-3 drops is enough. After adding oil, use the air of a three way spray gun to aim at the refueling hole and blow it, don't get too close. The three purpose gun has high air pressure, allowing oil to enter for better lubrication of the bearings. Remember to refuel before each disinfection. It's best to refuel all your phones once after work. Let the oil better lubricate the bearings when the phone is resting. Don't be afraid of wasting oil. That's all for refueling. I don't know how you usually add it. I remember when I was repairing my phone, a doctor asked me, 'Does the phone still need gas?'? Where to add?

Secondly, the use of dental handpiece cleaning lubricants.

Don't get mixed up, everyone. dental handpiece oil and cleaning agents are not the same thing. Maybe you all look oily. But the effect is different, oil is used to lubricate bearings. Cleaning lubricant is used to help clean the bearings of dental handpieces. Every time after drilling or preparing teeth, a large amount of tooth debris drills into the receiver of the phone and even around the bearings. If these dental debris are not completely cleaned, these small dental debris will be a fatal wound to the phone when it is running at high speed. When the air supply pressure of the phone is 0.2, the rotational speed of the phone is approximately 200000 to 300000 revolutions per minute. So the dental handpiece cleaning lubricant is used after each drilling or tooth preparation. Because now it's just one patient changing their phone. As for what ultrasonic phone cleaning machine I do not recommend everyone to use. That thing can clean all the lubricating oil from the bearing in your hand and use it as little as possible.

Thirdly, do not use inferior car needles, as inferior cars can cause significant damage to the phone sandwich.

Because he is irregular and uneven in thickness. The international standard for the outer diameter of the needle is 1.60mm~1.59mm. Many doctors may have reported that their phones cannot hold the car needle. Can you grip the irregular needle? Or the sandwich may have been damaged due to the use of inferior needles. dental handpieces are also considered precision objects. Songfeng's needle is not bad, it may be a bit expensive. Furthermore, it is necessary to frequently replace the needle, as the needle is severely worn, which is definitely not good for the phone. Because you can't drill your teeth, you have to unconsciously apply force to your phone. However, dental handpieces cannot be used with extra force. The consequence of using afterburner is that the needle is deformed and the bearing is prone to breakage, resulting in the scrapping of the dental handpiece collet. Another issue is the loading and unloading of dental handpiece needles. When screwing out the needle, first turn the needle left, then turn the needle right, but do not tighten it too tightly. Just clamp the needle. As long as the needle does not slip during use. Avoid tightening too tightly. Three leaf springs that are too tight are prone to damage. There are many problems with pressing. The sewing needle has high requirements. You must use the international Full-size car sewing needle, or you will know the consequences. When loading the needle, try to use a slightly stronger force, and then place the needle until it cannot be inserted. The same applies when unloading. The thimble type is relatively rare, so we won't talk about it. However, refueling on the best phone is the key.

Fourth: The phone is afraid of falling and tripping.

I know all about this. Try to put the original empty needle in when the phone is not in use. When buying a phone, they always bring it with them. Aren't you all throwing it away? Also, during the process of drilling or preparing teeth, do not consciously apply force to the phone because it cannot be drilled. That would cause significant damage to the phone. Especially the ball bearings of dental handpieces can cause deformation of the needle. If the drill cannot move, consider whether the needle should be replaced, and do not put any effort into the phone.

Fifth: It is about the driving force of dental handpieces - Qi.

Nowadays, there may be more centralized gas supply, so I won't talk more about the issue of gas sources. Frequent discharge of pollutants is necessary. About 1-2 times a week. The air from the compressor must be strictly filtered, otherwise I won't say how impurities in the air can harm the ball bearings of dental handpieces. dental handpieces need to operate at high speeds, and even small impurities can cause fatal damage to the phone. Another is the air pressure required for normal use of the phone. When high-speed dental handpieces are in normal use, adjust the pressure to around 0.20-0.22, and do not exceed it. If it is too high, it will still damage the phone's bearings. This pressure is enough to penetrate all teeth. Don't increase the pressure just because you can't drill, that's wrong. Whether the pressure gauge is normal or not depends on whether the drill cannot move? Most likely, the reason is because your needle is aging. Replace it with a new needle, don't hesitate. If you don't believe it, I can say something alarmist and you can adjust the pressure to 0.6. Perhaps if you step on the switch, the bearing of your phone will already be broken. You may say it's still usable, but that's just your opinion. I don't think a pressure phone with a range of 0.1 to 0.2 can reach 200000 to 300000 RPM. At 0.6, the heat generated by high-speed operation of light is enough to deform the ball. You may say that spray can cool down the temperature. Please. That's to cool down the needle. Afraid of burning the pulp or other tissues due to the heat generated by grinding teeth with a car needle. Another thing is to atomize the ground tooth debris. Don't fly around like dust. Let's talk about the orthodoxy of the legend. The pressure on other high-speed phones is about the same, and it's just a little higher. About 0.25 is the most. Then let's talk about low-speed ones. The pressure of low-speed dental handpieces is usually adjusted to around 0.3. If you don't understand the tooth, consider the needle first. Consider other issues again.

However, it should be added that for dental handpiece sandwiches, more oil should also be added to the hole where the needle is inserted, which will provide some lubrication and protection for spiral needle release and press type dental handpiece sandwiches. For domestic and Japanese dental phones, the intake pressure should be maintained between 0.20 and 0.22, and should not exceed 0.25 as much as possible, otherwise it will cause significant damage to the bearings. For dental phones from Europe and the United States (KaVo, W&H, Sirona...), the intake pressure should be kept below 0.28 to be very useful, and should not exceed 0.32 as much as possible, otherwise it will cause significant damage to the bearings. For compressors, it is necessary to clean, filter, and drain water frequently because there is always water vapor mixed in the air. If there is too much water vapor, it means that the compressor needs to drain water, otherwise water in the air will also damage the bearings!

Problems and maintenance of dental handpiece during use
First: Come on.Perhaps you all understand, because there may be doctoral student
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