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How to judge the quality of dental mobile phones

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The main indicators that determine the performance of dental handpieces are as follows:

  1. Service life of mobile phones

Mainly depends on: correct cleaning and maintenance; Bearing materials and manufacturing processes; The material and production of the internal pipeline of the mobile phone. Bearings are precision components of turbine phones, and clinical doctors know that they are vulnerable parts. If the cleaning and maintenance methods are not correct, it is easy to cause damage to the phone.

Traditional mobile phone bearings are mostly made of steel, and the general movement is composed of an outer ring, an inner ring, a cage, and a ball. Nowadays, ceramic ball bearings are commonly used. Ceramic ball bearings mainly have the following advantages:

(1) The hardness of high hardness ceramic materials is 20% higher than that of stainless steel materials.

(2) The weight of lightweight ceramic materials is about 1/2 lighter than that of stainless steel. Reduced friction between the bearing contact surface and the needle cylinder.

(3) Durability, more resistant to high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization treatment than steel ball bearings.

High quality ceramic bearings should have lower noise and longer service life. Of course, the quality of ceramic bearings in the current market is also uneven, and not all ceramic bearings are better than steel balls. There is no need to blindly follow this rule, but more attention should be paid to the technical indicators and practical experience brought by mobile phones to clinical doctors, such as cutting force, noise, and service life.

2. Cutting force of mobile phones

The cutting force of a mobile phone is closely related to its power, and factors related to it include the torque, air pressure, and the selection and usage habits of the needle.

3. Cooling effect of mobile phones

The commonly used cooling method for mobile phones is single hole spray, and now the most ideal way is 4-hole spray, and the design of spray holes for mobile phones is also very particular. The best effect is that the water mist can evenly cover the entire needle to the top.

4. The feeling of holding

A good dental phone has a plasma coated material and a threaded anti slip design on its surface, providing a comfortable feel and preventing slipping. The weight of a mobile phone is not necessarily as light as possible, but rather the uniform distribution of weight between the phone and the pipeline, as well as the appropriate position of the gravity balance point.

5. Safety and stability of treatment

It depends on the clamping force of the internal clamping system of the phone head and the air pressure inside the phone. The international standard clamping force is 22N. A good mobile phone needs to be higher than this international standard to ensure long-term safety.

6. Convenience of preparing posterior teeth

The preparation of the posterior teeth is difficult for dentists to operate, and the angle design of the head and body of a good mobile phone is reasonable, making it very convenient for dental preparation operations in the posterior tooth area. Especially for patients with limited mouth opening, it is more suitable. The perfect angle design allows the phone head to have free movement space in the posterior tooth area, making patients feel more comfortable.

7. Noise control of mobile phones

The noise of mobile phones can increase patients' fear of dental treatment. Generally, the pressure caused by noise and its long-term impact can damage human health, especially during concentrated work hours. Therefore, excessive noise from high dental mobile phones can also be detrimental to the health of dentists. Choosing a low-noise mobile phone is a good thing for both patients and doctors.

8. Control of cross infection

The main influencing factors include: material selection and external coating of mobile phones, anti suction design of the machine head, whether it can withstand 135 degree sterilization, and whether there is a built-in filter screen. The surface treatment of mobile phones must be coated, withstand high temperature sterilization without rusting, not easily contaminated with dirt, and easy to clean and disinfect. In the early days of mobile phones, there was no device to prevent suction, and negative pressure was generated when the phone stopped running

Pollution is caused through two ways:

(1) Through the exhaust pipe circuit: When the gas supply is stopped, the inertia rotation of the needle generates a pressure difference, causing foreign objects in the mouth to enter the exhaust pipe through the machine head. Formation of cross infection sources.

(2) Foreign objects (blood, saliva, debris, dirt, etc.)

Through the water supply pipe circuit: when stopping the spray, in order to prevent water dripping, the general comprehensive treatment table is equipped with a water supply device for suction when stopping. At this point, foreign objects in the oral cavity are sucked back into the mobile phone water supply pipe and invade the 10cm~20cm area of the comprehensive treatment table connecting the mobile phone wire pipe, forming a cross infection source.

After entering the interior with air and water, blood, saliva, and debris are distributed to the balls and other parts of the bearings, becoming important vectors of cross infection. Therefore, according to mandatory national regulations, the use of dental mobile phones must be "one person (patient), one machine", that is, after each patient uses them, they must be sent for cleaning and disinfection, sealed before reuse.

At present, it is advocated to use "hygiene phones" with anti suction devices, which are equipped with a check valve inside. It is a valve that controls one direction of water flow and is built-in in the interface, which can prevent the dirt sucked back from the phone's water supply pipe from entering the inside of the wire, prevent foreign objects from entering the mechanical sealing structure, discharge foreign objects from the gap of the machine head to the outside, and prevent cross infection between patients, surgeons, and staff. Extend the service life of the shaft core and reduce usage costs. Protect the patient's body and mind from the impact of cross infection and their concerns, and receive treatment with peace of mind.

9. The Perfection of Mobile Phone Operation

Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming increasingly versatile, with some equipped with fiber optic systems that directly illuminate the operating area with lights during use, bringing great convenience to doctors. The perfect brightness of the mobile phone fiber optic should be as close to natural light as possible. For convenience, it should also have a quick connect interface and a button type machine head, which makes the disassembly and assembly of the car needle very fast and can also reduce pollution.

10. Rationality of price

The prices of dental mobile phones in the dental market vary greatly, and it is necessary to fully consider important factors such as the service life of different phones, investment in bearing replacement, service life after bearing replacement, and the impact on doctors' work efficiency based on one's own situation, rather than blindly pursuing the purchase of low-priced low-end mobile phones.

How to judge the quality of dental mobile phones
The main indicators that determine the performance of dental handpieces are as f
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