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Have you considered these when purchasing dental equipment?

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  1. Domestic and foreign dental medical equipment

With the reform and opening up, advanced dental equipment and instruments from abroad have flooded into China, causing domestic dental equipment manufacturing enterprises to find a gap with the world and promoting the rise of China's national industry. China has successively developed modern dental treatment equipment such as connected dental treatment machines, electric dental chairs, and gas turbine mobile phones, gradually narrowing the gap with the world. The product quality, process level, and appearance design of some enterprises have reached the international average level.

There is still a certain gap between China and developed countries in the field of dental medical equipment, instruments, and materials. In the field of ordinary resin products, the United States has certain advantages; In the field of car needles, Switzerland has an advantage; In the field of denture products, Brazil has a clear advantage; In terms of technical equipment and porcelain equipment, Germany is leading; On X-ray machines, Italy has its own uniqueness. Although there is a certain gap between domestic equipment, devices, and materials and imported equipment, devices, and materials, domestic oral treatment equipment has formed an equal market pattern with imported products and has begun to enter the international market due to its three major advantages that cannot be underestimated: low price, appearance quality and function meeting clinical use needs, and after-sales service and guaranteed supply of spare parts.

The price of domestic oral therapy machines is only about 50% to 60% of that of similar foreign products, indicating that the price advantage of domestic products is significant. Generally speaking, the after-sales service guarantee mechanism of domestic dental equipment manufacturers is relatively better. At present, the domestic production of dental medical equipment, devices, and materials market is in a prosperous period, which is a good time for users to choose and purchase domestic dental medical equipment, devices, and materials.

2. Trial comparison of dental medical equipment

Dental medical equipment is not a household item, it is intended for patients and has a high level of technical content in its use, maintenance, and repair. This is why some manufacturers refuse to sell their products to physicians who have not undergone specialized training. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers and distributors are inviting experts to hold learning classes and practical training courses to introduce their technology and products, which is a very good form of promotion. It is unrealistic for the organizers (or sponsors) to completely free themselves from economic interests. But when responsible physicians introduce a technology and product to their colleagues, they will not only talk about its advantages and benefits, but intentionally avoid its shortcomings and precautions.

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers and distributors of the same material, especially the commonly used cement, impression materials, adhesives, etc. in dental clinics. Before use, as a manager, it is necessary to first understand whether they have various qualifications to introduce new materials into dental clinics, and also to understand the performance, clinical use effect, price, etc. of the materials. They should carefully listen to the manufacturer's product introduction and compare the product description with the description of similar products to find out whether the performance and characteristics are different from them and meet the needs of undergraduate clinical use; Secondly, there must be a certain probationary period to determine its clinical efficacy through the reactions of doctors, nurses, and patients; Finally, we also need to compare the prices of similar products. If the performance is the same and the effect is similar, in order to save department expenses, we need to make some choices.

3. Advance appropriately

The new equipment is an important symbol of modern dental clinics, and in the past decade, technology has miraculously changed the world. The technological revolution has also affected dental clinics, including management software, intraoral cameras, digital radiography, lasers, computerized probes, CAD/CAM restorative manufacturing systems, plastic imaging, improved dental products, and numerous other innovations.

When choosing dental medical equipment, the most indecisive thing is the configuration selection of equipment functions. The development speed of oral comprehensive treatment tables is rapid, and the idea of one-step implementation is not practical. If economic conditions permit, try to add equipment with superior performance, complete functions, and relatively high grade as much as possible to shorten operation time, reduce physician labor intensity, improve efficiency, and ensure medical quality.

The addition of sophisticated equipment is also a strong selling point for dental clinics to promote to the outside world. Such as imported mobile phone disinfection equipment, panoramic dental film machines, dental implant equipment, oral endoscope digital cameras, etc. Where possible, appropriate forward investment is worth considering.

Whenever new patients come to the clinic, the receiving nurse should guide them (excluding emergency patients) to visit and introduce the design, decoration, partition layout, equipment and equipment, so that patients can understand the concept and level of the dental clinic, as well as their psychological characteristics, needs, and desires. In this way, when dentists introduce treatment plans, such as digital X-ray machines, Periolase laser machines, and CEREC's CAD/CAM technology, patients will feel more vivid and approachable.

In the market, dental medical equipment can be roughly divided into three types: mature, developing, and newly invented. When choosing and replacing products, one should not be too conservative. If you only purchase and use the product when it is already widely known, you may miss a good opportunity to further expand the market, attract more patients, and improve patient awareness.

In the market, dental medical equipment can be roughly divided into three types: mature, developing, and newly invented. When choosing and replacing products, one should not be too conservative. If you only purchase and use the product when it is already widely known, you may miss a good opportunity to further expand the market, attract more patients, and improve patient awareness.

4. Pay attention to maintenance

The reasonable use and maintenance of dental medical equipment and instruments not only affect the normal functioning of the equipment and instruments, but also directly affect the lifespan and operational safety of the equipment and instruments. Attention should be paid to whether the selected equipment, devices, and materials have medical device product registration certificates and registration forms issued by government regulatory authorities, which are important indicators of product quality. Must participate in relevant training courses provided by the manufacturer to learn to use as soon as possible; At the same time, it is also very important to integrate the entire team into the practice of new technologies. The maintenance and repair of equipment are also quite important. It is important to pay attention to understanding the feasibility of after-sales service commitments from manufacturers and distributors of dental medical equipment, instruments, and materials, and whether they truly have the ability to provide after-sales service, including repair technical strength, rapid response to maintenance, and supply of repair accessories. Is there a dedicated maintenance department in the local and surrounding areas to prevent unnecessary additions after purchasing equipment

Have you considered these when purchasing dental equipment?
Domestic and foreign dental medical equipmentWith the reform and opening up, adv
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